Staying connected over [social] distance

Staying connected over [social] distance

Checking in, sharing resources, extending an invitation

I’m writing this on a Monday night, and who knows what Tuesday will bring.

The refrain in my head these days is this: MULTIPLE THINGS ARE TRUE. As I’ve been connecting with folks across the country over the past week — from Florida to Rhode Island to Alaska, and especially around Seattle and across the State of Washington — it feels like people are in different parts of a storm system. We’re in a giant swirl of uncertainty and fear. At the same time, people are hunkering down, and coming together over distance, both real and social. Acts of generosity, creativity, and resourcefulness abound.

I’ve been inspired by the range of what people are doing, from online clearinghouses where volunteers help house-bound strangers, to resources lists for families dealing with school closures. Virtual busking by musicians who’ve had dozens of cancelled gigs. Flash mobs of balcony music in quarantined Italian cities. Consultants and small-business owners who are responding by offering free virtual workshops in their areas of expertise, even as their own revenue streams are at risk. A nine-year-old kid in Portland — where schools are closed — is sharing instructional videos with his classmates about making Play-dough creatures. (Those aren’t available for a public audience at the moment, but aren’t you glad to know that it’s happening?!). Check out some of the highlights below.

Today, Tuesday, March 17th @ 3:30pm PST:

  • I need to call this out because it’s both incredibly timely AND time-sensitive: A free mini-workshop about navigating and reducing stress in these unprecedented times. Hosted by fantastic facilitators Annie Von Essen and Erika Murcia, of The Room Next Door.

Some other useful resources + creative offerings:

Some of these are specific to a certain region (and might only be useful as a model for how your community could weave itself together during the challenges ahead). Many of them are general, or virtual. Obviously, this isn’t comprehensive, just a handful of examples of people rallying together, pooling their energy, creativity, and knowledge to pitch in during this challenging time.

More soon:

  • I’ll be hosting some virtual gatherings in April. I’m excited about what we’re cooking up, so stay tuned for details. (And if you have ideas for what kinds of virtual gatherings you’d like to see, I’d also love to hear your thoughts.)
  • If you’d like a sounding board for whatever leadership challenges you’re navigating, please reach out and let me know what’s on your mind.

Big thanks, more soon, and take care of yourself and each other.


Sara Lawson is a consultant, coach, facilitator, and the creator of Gauge Leadership Lab (Bellingham Series starts October 9th, 2020; London series starts Oct 20, 2020; Seattle series starts on March 5, 2021). She is passionate about the role that mission-inspired companies and organizations have in strengthening communities. She also knows that leadership can be fulfilling AND frustrating, even for dedicated, skilled, and creative people. You can reach Sara HERE.

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