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Are you looking for the tools and inspiration to address big challenges, do your best work, make a meaningful difference, and have fun doing it?

We are passionate about the role that mission-inspired organizations and businesses have in strengthening communities. We’d love to hear about the contribution YOU want to make. 

 We work with people who:

  • Are passionate about making a difference in the world
  • Are navigating big challenges in their careers AND trying to create a healthy balance in their lives
  • Take their work seriously
  • Love a good laugh
  • Are open-minded, smart, compassionate, strategic, and collaborative
  • Are ready to:
    • Invest in themselves
    • Commit to goals that are personally meaningful and significant
    • Try new ways of learning, consider different perspectives, and experiment with new approaches and behaviors
    • Take full ownership of their decisions, progress, and accomplishments


About our clients:

Our clients are passionate about making some kind of difference in the world. Big or small, global or local. Sometimes they come to us with a strong inkling; sometimes they arrive with a fully-formed and compelling vision. Regardless, they are seeking something more, better, different… For themselves, their organizations, their communities, and beyond. (And, in case this is all sounding a bit high-pressure, ‘more’ can also mean cultivating more calm, more time to reflect, or a more sustainable approach to leadership.)

While some of our clients work within non-profit organizations and educational institutions, others aim to make a difference as entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, consultants, and the creatively self-employed.

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Leadership Development Program: Gauge Leadership Lab