A 12-week program for leaders, entrepreneurs, and instigators

Seattle Series:

Feb, 2020 series: FULL.

Next series: Dates TBD.

London Series starts Oct, 2020.

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Leadership can be fulfilling AND frustrating… even for resourceful, skilled, and creative people. You’re dedicated to making a difference—however you define it—and to supporting the success of your team and your organization. You have ambitious dreams, big plans, and some accomplishments under your belt. And, still, sometimes it feels like you’re on a hamster wheel.

So how will you find the opportunity to invest in your own leadership, and prepare yourself for what’s ahead?

Gauge Leadership Lab is a 12-week program that incorporates a powerful 360° leadership assessment, three full-day workshops, 1:1 coaching, and 12 weekly assignments to amplify your learning. Gather with a small group of peers to invest in your leadership, expand your comfort zone, and champion each other’s learning and growth.

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What this program includes

An individualized leadership assessment: The Leadership Circle Profile™, a powerful 360° leadership assessment used by organizations ranging from Google to NASA, the National Wildlife Federation, and beyond.

One-on-one leadership coaching: Three one-on-one sessions to interpret the assessment, articulate opportunities for growth, create a leadership development plan, and build momentum toward your goals.

The Lab:

  • Three full-day workshops spread out over twelve weeks, featuring facilitated discussions, thought-provoking exercises, and lively conversations. Focus areas will include authentic leadership, courageous conflict, and effective collaboration, along with topics that emerge from the group’s interests.
  • Weekly assignments, to amplify your learning and put ideas into action (some solo assignments, some with lab partners from the group.) Assignments range from short readings to reflective practices, small-group conversations, and audacious action steps.
What you can expect
Ready to make the leap? You can expect to:

Deepen your self-awareness:

  • Gain a new appreciation for your strengths, and identify ways to amplify them
  • Uncover some of your blind spots and learn to notice them in action
  • Test your assumptions and clarify your goals

Expand your capacity:

  • Reframe your approach to leadership, change, conflict, and collaboration
  • Practice new skills and experiment with new approaches

Strengthen your network:

  • Replenish your energy in a community of resourceful leaders who bring a range of views and experiences to challenge your thinking and expand your sense of what’s possible
Logistics: Next Series in Seattle


  • Three full-day workshops: TBD, Fall 2020 and/or Winter 2021. (Fridays, 9:30am – 4pm).
  • Three individual coaching sessions. (One session in person. Two sessions by phone, according to mutual availability.)
  • Weekly-ish check-in calls with your lab partners. (According to mutual availability, typically weekday mornings.)

WHERE: Seattle, WA.
WHO: Limited to 15 people, by invitation or application.

Logistics: 2020 Series in London

The London Series is offered in collaboration with Lea__p.


  • Three full-day workshops spread out over 12 weeks, from 9:30am-4pm. (Next series starts Oct 17, 2020.)
  • Three individual coaching sessions. (One session in person. Two sessions by phone, according to mutual availability.)

WHERE: London, England.
WHO: Limited to twelve people, by invitation or application.

Bring Gauge to your community or organization

Interested in bringing Gauge to your organization or community? We’d love to talk with you about how to make it happen. 

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