Leadership can be fulfilling AND frustrating…

Even for resourceful, skilled, and creative people. You’re dedicated to supporting the success of your team and your organization. Who’s supporting you?

Are any of these scenarios familiar? Click on the “+” to see more:

The established leader
You’ve been at it for a while, and you know you’ve done some great work. Somewhere along the way, the spark has faded. You want to reconnect with your sense of adventure and purpose, so that you’ll love your job and do your best work.
The visionary leader
You have ambitious dreams, big plans, and a great foundation. You know that you’d benefit from a confidential sounding board, an asker of bold questions, a champion of courageous possibilities, and a source of compassionate accountability. There’s a lot you can do on your own, and you know that your efforts will be amplified in partnership with others.
The emerging leader
You’re new to your role. Exciting opportunities loom, and people expect great things from you. You have an excellent track record, but parts of this leadership position—like managing teams, or working with a board!?—are unfamiliar and, if you’re honest, a tiny bit daunting.
The ‘stuck’ leader
Your organization is facing seemingly intractable challenges, and it feels like slogging through a never-ending marathon. Your team is stuck, the board is M.I.A., you’re tired, and you’re not sure how to move forward.
The transitioning leader
After years of working so hard to bring your organization to this point, you’re starting to think about what’s next, for you AND for the organization. You’re 59% excited, 41% ambivalent. You want to navigate the transition with vision and grace, so that you’re free to pursue the next adventure, knowing that you’re leaving the organization in excellent hands.
The (FILL IN THE BLANK) leader
In spite of many outward indicators of success (a great position, a string of accomplishments, and people who rely on you for leadership and guidance), you sometimes feel like you’re [ see options below ], and it’s sapping more energy than you’d care to admit. Do you sometimes feel like you’re:

(A) Not measuring up

(B) Faking it

(C) Not sure what to do next

(D) All of the above

Recognize yourself?

If you see yourself or your organization in any of these descriptions (or you’re facing your own unique leadership challenge!), we’d love to talk with you about working together. Please get in touch so that we can schedule a complimentary consultation.

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