5 myths that perpetuate burnout in nonprofit organizations

5 myths that perpetuate burnout in nonprofit organizations

Some interesting nuggets about burnout in this article by Anne-Sophie Morrissette. These myths reflect a couple of patterns that sometimes show up among my coaching clients and client organizations. I’m particularly struck by Myth #5 about the influence of nonprofit leaders on organizational culture:

“Nonprofit leaders can underestimate and underplay the influence they have on junior staff. Whether it’s never taking a sick day or dashing off emails at 10pm, many believe that overwork is simply how the work gets done. But other employees are watching and absorbing; they’re left thinking that the work ethic of overwork is the only way to “fulfill the mission.” The most effective leaders in the nonprofit space are deeply mindful of how they move through the workplace and among their colleagues. They recognize the power they hold, and embrace their role as setting the example and setting the tone. For all our talk of self-care, we have to walk the walk, even and especially when it feels uncomfortable. While this doesn’t mean suddenly slacking off, it could mean not answering that late-night email, stepping away from the desk, and taking a well-deserved break.”

So how do you model a sustainable approach to leadership, both for your own well-being as well as for the people you work with?

Read the article here in the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

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